The Very Perry Show

12 & 13 March The Hope Theatre, Islington.  Kate Perry presents a happy hour of acutely observed and quirky monologues featuring an Amish woman with Shoofly pie envy, a Ken Barlow obsessed pensioner, a worryingly unhinged documentary maker, a short-sighted butcher and a six year old who ‘entertains’ a captive audience on a long distance flight.
★★★★ Script and performance are a delight. An absolute pleasure to see’ London Theatre1
★★★★ “Wonderful…witty…unique…Perry is a major talent and she brings her skills in full force in this hilarious and sometimes bitter-sweet hour” Edinburgh Festival Magazine
★★★★ “Hilarious, one would happily spend more time in the company of the dry, sly Perry” The Big List
★★★★ “Each monologue was funnier than the last.” Comedy Coroner, Edinburgh Festival

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